Audrey Keesing

Audrey Keesing


Hawaii Homes International

1920 Ala Moana Blvd, Suite 102 Honolulu, HI 96815

Audrey Keesing was born in Washington, DC in 1964 to a father who grew up in Hawaii in the 1930s with parents from New Zealand. She moved to Honolulu in 1990 for graduate school and now has a double Master's from the University of Hawaii and an undergraduate degree from U.C. Berkeley. Then, she began working on a pilot's license. 

Audrey cares about housing people. As a child, she moved every year and a half to three years to a new house in a different part of the country until her family returned to live in DC, where her mother is an artist. When Audrey arrived in Hawaii, she created a graduate student household two blocks from UH. She went to Dowsett's real estate school to understand property management to be an excellent residential property manager. 

Audrey has lived all over Oahu in the past 30 years. Audrey graduated from Coldwell Bankers' real estate school in Kahala to become a licensed real estate agent. She has helped many people buy their property. She often helps people buy Fee Simple and Leasehold condos and find rentals. She also knows VA requirements. Audrey notices the details and does her research on Oahu real estate. She can help you find your dream home and, even, land to build upon and to grow a farm!

Audrey enjoys live music, stand up comedy, and her new hobby is stand up paddling with two dogs and loves her cat. Audrey Keesing is running for Mayor of Honolulu 2020, and she wants to alert homeowners to remember to pay their real property taxes, even if they don't pay their mortgage during the pandemic. Not only will this prevent you from losing your house, but Honolulu also won't lose city services, like police, fire, and ambulance, as the majority of the City and County budget comes directly from real property tax. Only 1.32% of operating resources for the City and County of Honolulu comes from TAT or Transient Accommodations Tax from tourism. You can take the woman out of DC, but you cannot take politics out of this woman. There are even real property tax breaks for low-income homeowners that Audrey wants you to know about. Call Audrey today!