Waikiki, A Great Place to Call Home!

Waikiki is a neighborhood of Honolulu located on the South Shore of the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  For more information on neighborhoods see blog post How Are the Hawaii Islands Divided? Waikiki is home to one of the most famous beaches in the world (Waikiki Beach) and has many diverse activities, such as surfing, body boarding, snorkeling, sunbathing, beachside bars, catamaran sailing, as well as a wide variety of shopping and dining locations, can be easily found around the neighborhood.  Waikiki is a great place for someone who wants to be within walking distance of a great number of various activities.  Waikiki is also the location of the Honolulu Zoo, one of the State of Hawaii’s two zoos.  In addition, the water of Waikiki Beach is warm and the waves are mild, making it the perfect destination for beachside leisure. 

Waikiki is one of the busiest neighborhoods of Honolulu and the location for a majority of hotels on the island.  At any given time Waikiki serves as a temporary home for tourists visiting from all over the world.  The beautiful beach and large selection of activities make Waikiki one of the main tourist attractions on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  

Waikiki Condominium Types For-Sale

There are different types of condominiums for sale in Waikiki, ranging from Leasehold, Fee simple, residential condos, mixed-use condos, co-op condos and “Condo Hotels”.  For more information on the difference between Leasehold and Fee Simple properties, please see our blog What is the Difference Between Leasehold and Fee Simple Ownership in Hawaii?  

A Residential Condominium is similar to a condominium that you will find in most cities.  These condominium buildings are designed for strictly home ownership or long-term rentals.  A long-term rental in Hawaii is considered a rental that is more than 30-days.  In these residential buildings, there are typically house rules or language in the condominium documents that prevent you from renting your unit short-term.

On the other hand, there are “Condo-Hotels”, which, when built, were zoned for use as both a condo and hotel. In a condo-hotel building, you can theoretically rent your unit short term (less than 30-days). Another type of condominium is a co-op.  

If you are interested in a condominium in the Waikiki neighborhood, Hawaii Homes International can assist you in sorting out the different types of condominiums that you have to choose from, as well as help you find the perfect condominium for your needs!  See our sample list below of Waikiki condos for sale.

Waikiki Condos For Sale